Why Buy Black Dog LED?

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Why choose Black Dog LED?

There are many advantages to choosing Black Dog LED over HID or other LED companies:

  • Black Dog LED grow lights run much cooler than HID lights and even fluorescent lights by using less power to produce the same light footprint.
  • Black Dog LEDs' exclusive Phyto-Genesis Spectrum™:
  • We use only high-power 5W LEDs for efficiently growing plants.
  • Our oversized heat sinks and larger housings provide better thermal dissipation to maximize the useful life of the light. Cheaper LED grow lights often skimp on heat management, causing LEDs to degrade and burn out quickly.
  • Black Dog LED lights have a large, extremely bright and evenly-covered footprint. Other LED grow lights can be brighter, but only in the center of the footprint by using a focusing lens-- if you want to grow plants in the entire footprint of your light, even coverage is necessary.
  • Black Dog LEDs come with a five year guarantee.
  • Every Black Dog LED light is tested, and if necessary repaired in Veitsbronn, Germany - there is no need to ship lights or get replacement components from halfway around the world.
  • Black Dog LED has been selling and standing behind our grow lights for over 5 years, since early 2010. We don't spend a lot on advertising to keep our lights' cost down; we rely on word-of-mouth from actual superior results to sell our lights.
  • We provide superior customer service- we want you to succeed with our lights, and since we grow with them ourselves, we know what we're talking about!

At Black Dog LED in USA we see growing as a lifestyle, not just a hobby, and we practice it ourselves. We're constantly running experimental grows trying to improve our lights; our staff have over 80 years of combined indoor growing experience. For growing all types of plants from food to medicine to ornamentals, Black Dog provides the highest-quality, best-growing lights in the most reliable package.

Black Dog LED lights are designed by growers, for growers. Why settle for anything less?


Why do Black Dog LED grow lights seem more expensive than some other LED lights?

Our lights appear more expensive than some other LED lights, but that's because our lights have more actual power than most. When comparing equivalent lights, Black Dog LED lights are not more expensive.

When comparing equal-wattage lights ("true watts" and not the more-often-advertised "LED watts"), our lights are clearly not more expensive than most other LED panels. Even though there are more expensive LED grow lights on the market, at 1015 watts, our PhytoMAX 1000 light has more actual power (wattage) than any other LED grow light on the market-- and increases yield 30% or more over a 1000W HPS. Some lights less expensive than ours on a watt-for-actual-watt basis are using low-quality components, poor designs that cannot dissipate heat well, less-expensive LEDs, and/or are omitting important spectra for growing plants for the sake of reducing cost.

Some other LED lights put secondary lenses under their LEDs to make them appear brighter and better on paper, but sacrifice the actual growing footprint of the light in the process-- it gives them a better PAR-per-dollar rating than our lights, even though they have an extremely small effective footprint. We're more interested in maximizing your yield-per-dollar, year after year!

All indoor growers now have a choice to make: whether to skip up-front costs and deal with higher long-term expenses, or to pay more up front for the highest quality, most advanced grow light on the market and save money year after year.

Black Dog LED lights start with the best LEDs available. Most of these cost 2 to 3 dollars each, and some cost up to 10 dollars each. Many companies use LEDs that cost 10 to 20 cents each, and simply leave out LED colors which cost too much-- UV LEDs are particularly expensive and most often omitted. Black Dog LED lights use 5-watt diodes with an ideal beam angle to achieve a large, evenly-covered footprint and superior canopy penetration.

Black Dog LEDs also distinguish themselves from other lights by using quiet. long-life ball-bearing fans in every unit, large, solid aluminum heat sinks, and larger, full-metal housings designed to dissipate heat better to ensure longevity.

All things considered, it is easy to see why Black Dog LED lights last longer and grow healthier, stronger plants than any other grow lights. The best way to see for yourself is to try one of our lights- once you see how a Black Dog LED grows plants, we're sure you'll be happy.


Who is Black Dog LED?

Black Dog LED was founded in early 2010 to provide the best grow lights possible. Based in Boulder, Colorado, our staff have horticulture and electrical engineering degrees, with over 80 years of combined indoor growing experience.

We're devoted to providing the best artificial grow lighting possible; to this end we are continuously running experimental grows, testing new technology and ideas to ensure our lights are the best you can buy.

Plant Light Science GmbH & Co. KG who is our exclusive distribution partner for Europe also offers excellent customer service, as well as operating our European repair center

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