About shipping costs and Cash on Delivery fees


Shipping Costs

Within Germany shipping is free of charge for orders from 50 € – below orders of 50 € we charge a delivery fee of 3,50 €.

For all other EU-countries, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Norway shipping is free for orders from 150 € – the shipping costs for orders below 150 € are listed in the chart below.

Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.)

If you would like to pay your order by C.O.D. within Germany the delivery fee  7,90 €.

For all other countries the delivery fee when paying C.O.D.  is 18,50 €.

Additionally we have listed the maximum amounts for C.O.D. payments/ day. If you´d like to pay C.O.D. but your order value exceeds this maximum amount, please contact us and we will find a solution, e.g. split your orders to meet the appropriate requirements.

When paying by C.O.D. payment with cheque is not possible!

Country Shipping Costs Max. amount for C.O.D./ day
Germany 3,50 € 4.000,00 €
Belgium 7,50 € 4.000,00 €
Denmark 7,50 € 4.000,00 €
France 7,50 € 750,00 €
Luxembourg 7,50 € 4.000,00 €
Netherlands 7,50 € 4.000,00 €
Austria 7,50 € 3.500,00 €
Poland 7,50 € 4.480,00 €
Czech Republic 7,50 € 4.000,00 €
Croatia 10,00 € 4.000,00 €
Slowakia 10,00 € 4.000,00 €
Slowenia 10,00 € 4.000,00 €
Finland 10,00 € 4.000,00 €
United Kingdom 15,00 € 4.000,00 €
Italy 10,00 € 3.000,00 €
Monaco 10,00 € C.O.D. not available
Sweden 10,00 € 3.000,00 SEK
Bulgaria 12,50 € 4.000,00 €
Estonia 12,50 € 4.000,00 €
Latvia 12,50 € 4.000,00 €
Lithuania 12,50 € 4.000,00 €
Romania 12,50 € (private people only)   2.000,00 €
Hungary 12,50 € 4.000,00 €
Greece 15,00 €   (private people only)   1.500,00 €
Ireland 15,00 € 4.000,00 €
Portugal 15,00 € 4.000,00 €
Spain 15,00 € 2.499,00 €
Liechtenstein 20,00 € 4.000,00 €
Norway 20,00 € 4.000,00 €
Switzerland 20,00 € 4.000,00 €
San Marino 20,00 € C.O.D. not available
Andorra 20,00 € C.O.D. not available
Cyprus 13,50 € 4.000,00 €
Iceland 13,50 € C.O.D. not available
Malta 13,50 € 4.000,00 €
Bosnia and Herzegovina 13,50 € C.O.D. not available


Please note that customs fees/import tax may apply when shipping to Norway or Switzerland, which are paid for by the customer. European overseas territories cannot be delivered to, except by special arrangement. If you would like us to ship to another European country not listed above please contact us directly to make arrangements prior to placing your order at: Info@blackdogled.eu

Order Processing

On placement of you order and payment being accepted, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your order. Please check all details carefully including the delivery address and contact us by reply e-mail immediately if there is a problem or discrepancy. On dispatch of your order you will be sent an e-mail notifying you of the dispatch, the shipping company used, the expected delivery time and a tracking number. Using the tracking number you should be able to track your orders progress with the shipping company. Please check regularly online using your tracking number and ensure that someone is present on the expected delivery day to sign for your delivery to minimise any delays in receiving your order. If you haven’t received your order within the expected delivery time and you are unable to track your order through the use of your tracking number or the shipping company is unable to help you please contact us and we will work with you and the shipping company to resolve the situation ASAP.

Out of Stock Items

While we do try to keep our inventory system up to date on rare occasions we may not have an item in stock. If this does happen you will be contacted immediately by e-mail explaining the situation and the likely date the unavailable product is due to come back into stock. You will be given the following choices:

  1. We can dispatch the part of the order currently in stock and send the remaining item(s) when they come back into stock. You will not be charged extra for the second delivery.
  2. We can hold the dispatch of the order until the item(s) come into stock and then dispatch the order in full.
  3. We can send the item(s) on your order that are in stock and cancel the out of stock item(s) from your order and refund your account/credit card the value of the un-sent item(s).
  4. Cancellation of your order

Once we have contacted you we will hold the dispatch of the order until you reply with instructions for a maximum of 3 working days. If by that time you have not contacted us to express your preferred option, on the 4th working day we will automatically proceed with option 1. above.