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A Closer Look | PhytoMAX-4 Top Tier LEDs • Maximum efficiency and quality • 8 colors / wavelengths • True UV, violet and IR • Expertly tuned to create our superior Phyto-Genesis Spectrum® More Light to Your Plants • Glass lens > 99.5% transmissive- 30X more from 350-750nm • Most glass / plastic lenses transmit less than 85-90% ≥ 94% Efficient Drivers • Industry-leading efficiency • Modular design for greater reliability Reliable Active Cooling • Redundant fans and power supplies • Maximizes efficiency & longevity of LEDs • Keeps the light running brighter, longer • Tens of thousands of fixtures deployed, no failures since 2010 Protect Your Investment • Automatic over-temperature shut-off if your garden overheats • Prevents LED damage The Ultimate Greenhouse Light • ≥ 30% higher light output per unit of shadow area than competitors • Restores natural levels of UV that most greenhouse coverings block • Fewer lights needed with 1500W fixtures Flexible Control Options • Industry-standard 0-10V control • 15-100% dimming & dim-to-off • No proprietary controller needed • Waterproof, locking plug • Daisy-chain up to 100 lights Multiple Power Options • 100-250VAC with a standard IEC power inlet • 100-277VAC with a waterproof, locking power inlet • 347VAC with a waterproof, locking power inlet • Daisy-chaining lights for power is possible 7 Sizes to Best Fit Your Needs 24S 20S 16S 12S 8S 4S 2S Get the coverage, intensity and consistency you want for your grow area 1500W 3188 μmol/s 1250W 2657 μmol/s 1000W 2125 μmol/s 750W 1594 μmol/s 500W 1063 μmol/s 250W 531 μmol/s 125W 266 μmol/s

PBFD / DLI Calculator

Please enter the size area you want to grow in, or the size footprint you're looking for each light to cover:


Footprint area:
Light ModelHanging Height (inches)Average PBFD (μmol/m2/s
PhytoMAX-4 2S--
PhytoMAX-4 4S--
PhytoMAX-4 8S--
PhytoMAX-4 12S--
PhytoMAX-4 16S--
PhytoMAX-4 20S--
PhytoMAX-4 24S--

Hanging height is the height the light needs to be hung above the average top of the canopy to allow the light to spread out and cover the footprint you specified, and does not vary with the light model. For larger areas, using muliple smaller lights (each with a smaller footprint) reduces the required hanging height. PhytoMAX-4 lights can be flush-mounted to the ceiling and are only 4.5" / 11cm thick.

The PBFD levels given are the average for every square inch of the footprint you specify. All light intensity calculations assume reasonably-reflective walls around the footprint and/or adjacent lights on identical footprints. This calculator is intended to guide you to the right size light for your situation, but we're always here to help- you can always contact us for advice.

We have custom, proprietary light modeling software that can show you guaranteed light intensity levels for every square inch of your growing area, or even every cubic inch from top to bottom. Contact us through email or phone or schedule a large-project consultation.

Recommended PBFD Ranges

The ranges given below are guidelines based on our years of experience. You can go lower or higher in some circumstances; you can always contact us if you want to talk about unusual set-ups.

The "Min" light level is the minimum we would think you would be happy with for decent results; "Typical" is what we would generally recommend and "Max" is on the higher end of what we would recommend. PhytoMAX-4 lights can be dimmed, so you can always get a bit more power than you need and experiment.

Recommended μmol/m2/s PBFD
Growth StageMinTypicalMax
Cloning5075 - 100150
Seedlings200300 - 600700
Vegetative200300 - 600800
12 hrs/day
No CO2
350600 - 750950
12 hrs/day
With CO2
800900 - 13001800
12 hrs/day
With CO2
12001500 - 18002500 **
20 hrs/day (autoflower)
No CO2
200350 - 450600
20 hrs/day (autoflower)
With CO2
450600 - 7751000

** This light level is only recommended for experimentation or research purposes- it is not recommended for a production facility. Driving plants with that much light requires a lot of attention to fertilization, CO2 and environmental conditions- it is much more likely that something will go wrong and cause complete crop loss. We've tested light levels like this ourselves- which is why we don't recommend it in general, though we did get 137 grams/ft2 for a 6' X 6' area at 2200 μmol/m2/s PBFD. PhytoMAX-4's unique design can deliver even higher light levels if you desire to really push limits, but we haven't seen any practical benefit yet.

About us

Black Dog LED was founded in early 2010 after Corey, the founder, spent over a year looking for legitimate LED grow lights to fill his and his friends’ growing needs. Unfortunately, he spent a lot of money and time only to discover that no one had created a light powerful enough or with the correct spectrum for flowering plants and producing fruit. He knew the technology was available, but LED grow lights on the market were being advertised through a lot of obvious hype backed by little or no science, which meant that the latest technology had not been harnessed. It was this knowledge, as well as a desire to create a quality product that really worked, which led him to pour over 15 years of botany and horticulture knowledge into the predecessors to the Black Dog LED lights for growing plants that are offered today.

Our philosophy is simple: we want to create the best possible plant grow lights available. This means we don’t always worry about providing the cheapest light or even the most profitable light, but it does mean that we don’t cut any corners.

We are indoor gardening enthusiasts, and our passion for our work comes from the desire to create a quality product we want to use in our own gardens and our friends want to use in theirs. To accomplish this, we are pushing the limits of what is currently known about using artificial light to grow plants. Some of the research we are doing in BDL Labs, our research and development department, is being conducted for the first time ever. We are creating lights that, because of their combination of spectrum and power, are better for growing plants than anything produced before.

Black Dog LED does not believe in hype—we believe in fulfilling our promises and that’s what our lights do. With a hassle-free, 90-day return policy and the best warranty in the business, we will always be here for you!