PhytoMAX-4 4S LED Grow Light

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Using just 250 watts the PhytoMAX-4 4S delivers 531 μmol/s of light for smaller grow areas

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with our Phyto-Genesis Spectrum®

The Phyto-Genesis Spectrum has been finely-tuned to not just grow plants, but to grow more-compact, more-productive and higher-quality flowers, fruit and leaves. Unlike most LED grow lights that use white or white and red LEDs, we incorporate 8 different LED colors to target specific responses from the plants, known as photomorphogenesis.

Our spectrum triggers plants’ hormonal response to different colors of light and the ratio of these colors to minimize stem growth while maximizing flower and fruit production. Compact, bushier plants are not only easier to work with but also maximize yield per square foot.


3% ultraviolet light (<400nm) mimics the sun’s natural UV light, keeping plants bushier and more compact, more resistant to pathogens and insects, and producing more terpenes and pigments.

Unlike supplemental UV light bars, PhytoMAX-4 evenly distributes UV light across the entire growing area, and at a concentration that gives your plants the benefits of ultraviolet throughout the entire growing cycle, not just restricted to the last couple weeks of flower.

Infrared / Far Red

Infrared / far red light (700-750nm) increases photosynthetic efficiency through the Emerson Effect. Too much can cause stem elongation but when paired with the right ratio of red and blue light as in the Phyto-Genesis Spectrum, it increases yields.


Violet light (400-450nm) better penetrates dense plant canopies to nourish lower leaves, allowing high-quality flowers and fruit to grow lower on the plant.


Blue light (450-480nm) triggers chlorophyll B photosynthesis more efficiently than green or yellow light, and helps keep leaves more compact for better canopy penetration.


Red light (600-700nm) drives photosynthesis, but can also cause plants to elongate their stems if not matched with an appropriate amount of blue light.

PhytoMAX-4 Features

Unparalleled Yield and Quality

PhytoMAX-4 lights are designed to grow the highest-quality and highest-quantity harvests. Rather than striving for the highest-possible photons per watt, PhytoMAX-4 is designed to give the highest yield per watt while maximizing terpenes, pigments and cannibinoid production.


Black Dog has been perfecting grow lights and supporting our customers since 2010- we’re among the oldest LED grow light manufacturers still in existence.

Customer Support

We’ve grown thousands of different kinds of plants with our lights ourselves, and our customer support is second-to-none, ranging from lighting questions to garden issues. If you’re growing 4 plants or 40,000 we’ve got the experience to help.


Dimmable from 15% – 100% with industry-standard 0-10V dimming controllers.

Reliable Active Cooling

PhytoMAX-4 increases efficiency and maximizes lifespan by actively cooling the LEDs. Cooler LEDs run more efficiently and have a longer lifespan, especially for the specialty UV and violet LEDs we use. While fans are a moving part, we’ve never had one fail in tens of thousands of lights over the past 13 years, plus our patented design includes multiple redundant fans. Even if one were to fail, your light will keep running just fine.

Designed and Assembled in Colorado

We utilize only the highest-quality parts and have been perfecting the PhytoMAX design for over 8 years- these lights are built to last!

Hanging Hardware Included

A pair of V-hooks and ratcheting rope hangers are included with every light.

PhytoMAX-4 4S Specifications

Photon Flux (μmol/s)
531 16 476 40
Dimming 0-10V, 15-100%
Dimensions 37 x 37 x 11 cm
Weight 10.9kg
Power 250 Watts
Certifications UL 1598, UL 8800, ETL, CE, FCC, RoHS
Mean Time Before Failure > 70,000 hours
Number of LEDs 112
Amp Draw  2.5 @ 100V
2.08 @ 120V
1.2 @ 208V
1.09 @ 230V
1.04 @ 240V
0.9 @ 277V (SC model only)
0.72 @ 347V (SX model only)
Included Power Cord Length 2.4 meters
Power Cord Options NEMA 5-15, NEMA 6-15, NEMA 7-15 (SC model only), Pigtails
AC Voltage Range SP Model: 100-250V (50 / 60 Hz)
SC Model: 100-277V (50 / 60 Hz)
SX Model (special order): 347V
Power Factor 0.99
Operation Ambient Temperature Range -20 to 40 °C
BTU 853
Fans Expected Life > 70,000 hours
Warranty 5 Years

Which PhytoMAX-4 light is right for you?

PhytoMAX-4 4S PBFD / PPFD / DLI Coverage

Please specify the coverage footprint area to calculate light intensity levels:

Footprint width:
Footprint depth:

Recommended hanging height above the average top of the plant canopy:

Total area covered: 2

Average over this entire area for

(calculations assume reasonably-reflective walls around the footprint and/or adjacent lights on identical footprints)

Custom Light Plans

We have custom, proprietary light modeling software that can show you guaranteed light intensity levels every square inch of your growing area, or even cubic inch from top to bottom. We also hacve the experience and expertise to recommed the4 right lighting for your needs, no matter what you’re growing. Contact us through email or phone or schedule a large-project consultation.

A sample light map showing every cubic inch of a 10 by 10 foot room with 4 PhytoMAX-4 16S lights: