Activated charcoal filter PrimaKlima K1604-WHSPEC 960 Industry Line


  • Flange: 125 mm
  • Length: 800 mm without flange
  • Diameter: 205 mm
  • Maximum air flow: 960 m³/h
  • Optimum air flow: 720 m³/h
  • Incl. Pre-filter: K1704-WHSPEC
  • Weight: 9.9 kg
  • Activated carbon: 7.5 kg

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Activated charcoal filter PrimaKlima K1604-WHSPEC 960 Industry Line

The premium activated charcoal filter K1604 from Prima Klima’s Industry Line series is known among connoisseurs for its incomparably good odor adsorption and particularly long service life.
This is made possible by a 4 cm deep activated carbon bed made of high-quality, highly active CTC-80 carbon. This bed is refillable and, thanks to the granulated carbon, provides an active surface area of more than 1200 m² per gram of carbon. The large surface area guarantees an extremely long contact time between the charcoal and the air, giving the odorous air constituents sufficient time to bind to the charcoal. In addition, the CTC-80 carbon still works even at a relative humidity of up to 85%.

All filters are equipped with a pre-filter flow to prevent the filter from losing performance prematurely due to coarse air particles. This is washable and is very easy to remove and refit.

Not only the first-class odor removal, but also the maximum stability contribute to the exceptionally long service life. This is made possible by the high-quality pressed metal parts that are used. They guarantee the highest possible strength and rigidity while using as little material as possible. The sheet steel used is galvanized and thus protected against corrosion. The extra-long flange of the filters also contributes to a secure connection. Prima Klima activated carbon filters are almost 100% recyclable.


The special features of the Industry Line filter series at a glance:

  • Extremely long service life
  • Efficient particle adsorption
  • High-quality 4cm bed made of activated carbon
  • Optimal contact time
  • can be operated in environments with relatively high humidity
  • Perfect air flow
  • refillable
  • Extremely robust and durable
  • High-quality pressed metal parts
  • Extra long flange
  • Pre-filter against dust and larger air particles