• 1L Hesi Blüh Complex
  • 1L Hesi Phosphor Plus
  • 500 ml Hesi Root Complex
  • 500 ml Hesi TNT Complex
  • 500 ml Hesi Power Zyme
  • 100 ml Hesi Boost
  • 10 ml Hesi SuperVit
  • Fertilization scheme
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HESI Starter Set Soil: starter set for your indoor grow

The HESI Starter Set for soil contains seven high-quality products from the manufacturer that offer everything plants need for strong growth, large flowers and a rich yield. HESI knows what is important and the starter set offers you everything you need to get started.

The HESI Starter Set offers these products:

  • 0.5 L HESI TNT Complex
  • 1 L HESI Bloom Complex
  • 1 L HESI Phosphor Plus
  • 0.5 L HESI Root Complex
  • 0.5 L HESI Power Zyme
  • 100 ml HESI Boost
  • 10 ml HESI Super Vit
  • HESI dosing table

With the HESI soil starter set, you are ideally equipped to supply your grow with all the necessary substances. A big step towards good growing success.

Additional information on the products in the HESI Earth starter set

HESI TNT Complex for the growth phase

The HESI TNT Complex is a powerful fertilizer with 100% organic nitrogen. As organic nitrogen compounds are not salts and therefore have no EC value, the young plants are minimally contaminated with salts and can grow ideally. In addition, the TNT Complex is enriched with all the necessary nutrients and vital components such as amino acids, vitamins and plant-active sugars that ensure good plant growth.

HESI Flowering Complex for the flowering phase

The Blüh Complex with nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and trace elements is also enriched with amino acids and vitamins. The fertilizer therefore provides all the necessary substances that promote plant development and that flowering plants need during the flowering period. This means that nothing stands in the way of exuberant flowering. In addition, the Blüh Complex is enriched with a pH corrector, which corrects the pH level of the irrigation water and ensures a slightly acidic value. This allows the plant to optimally absorb the fertilizers.

HESI Phosphor Plus for larger flowers

HESI Phosphor Plus is used in combination with the flowering complex and is used in the second flowering phase. At this time, the plant needs higher amounts of phosphorus and potassium. While potassium ensures that phosphorus is transported more quickly to the flowers, phosphorus guarantees abundant flower formation.

HESI Root Complex for vigorous root growth

The HESI Root Complex is a plant additive that ensures healthy, strong root growth. At the same time, the additive activates the soil bacteria, which improves the absorption of the fertilizer and strengthens the growth and resistance of the plants. As the Root Complex stimulates the formation of roots, it should be used especially after planting or transplanting.

HESI Power Zyme enzyme solution for better soil life

HESI Power Zyme from enzyme extract is a soil additive that ensures a clean, oxygen-rich plant substrate. With its enzymes, the adjuvant converts dead roots in the substrate into glucose, which serves as food for the plants. In addition, HESI Power Zyme gives the plants strength, stronger roots and improved resistance to pests and diseases.

HESI Boost flowering accelerator and foliar fertilizer

HESI Boost is used as a gentle foliar fertilizer and flowering activator during the flowering phase. The completely organic flowering accelerator contains fruit extracts, plant sugars and fruit enzymes that have multiple effects. It improves the health of the plant, strengthens the flowering power and also increases the sugar content of the fruit.

HESI Super Vit with vitamins and trace elements

HESI Super Vit is a combination of 10 amino acids and 15 vitamins that are important for plant metabolism. Plants can produce these building blocks from minerals themselves, but HESI Super Vit provides them in ready-made form. This saves time and energy. The energy saved can therefore be used by the plants for growth, health and flowering.