Prima Klima ventilation set Ø125 mm, 2 speeds


The new perfectly coordinated primaklima ventilation set:

  • K2601-flat-125 Aktivkohlefilter
  • 127 mm hose 3 m
  • Metal clamp 60-135 mm
  • Connector 125 mm
  • PK125-2 fan, two speeds
  • up to 400 m³/h.

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Prima Klima PKVS-125-2 ventilation set Ø125 mm – 2 speeds

The new, perfectly coordinated PrimaKlima ventilation set.
Immerse yourself in the world of the Prima Klima PKVS-125-2 ventilation set Ø125 mm with 2 speeds – the ultimate solution for effective exhaust air in your grow setup.
Designed with maximum performance and adaptability in mind, this sophisticated set offers a range of impressive features:

The PrimaKlima PKVS-125-2 ventilation set includes

– Activated charcoal filter K2601-flat-125, Eco Line, 125 mm, air flow opt. 360 m³/h, Max. 460 m³/h
– Combination flexible pipe, 127 mm, 3 m
– Hose clamp with quick-release fastener, 60-135 mm
– Connecting sleeve with rubber damping, 125 mm
– PK125-2 fan, up to 400 m³/h, 2 speed

Excellent coordination:
The exhaust air system is optimally coordinated to ensure maximum performance and efficiency.
Every detail, from the exhaust fan to the activated charcoal filter, has been carefully coordinated to ensure seamless interaction.

Powerful exhaust fan:
The exhaust fan included in the set impresses with its performance.
Equipped with two speeds, it allows flexible adjustment to the needs of your grow room while ensuring efficient air circulation.

Effective activated charcoal filter:
The right activated charcoal filter guarantees reliable odor removal.
Enjoy a clean and odor-free environment without compromising on performance.

Accessories included:
The set includes a connecting sleeve and a high-quality Combidec exhaust air hose.
The connecting sleeve ensures easy installation, while the Combidec exhaust air hose ensures optimum air flow.

Optimize your grow system with the PrimaKlima PKVS-125-2 speed ventilation set Ø125 mm.
Rely on quality, efficiency and advanced temperature control for successful plant growth.

Order now and experience the top performance of Prima Klima!