RoyalRoom | Growbox C240SH | High Series | 240x120x250cm


Tall, large grow box for up to 50 plants.

  • Highly resistant Mylar 600D
  • Load capacity up to 80kg
  • Light-tight closures
  • Light reflection up to 95

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High grow box RoyalRoom C240SH – 240x120x250cm

The Royal Room C240SH grow box is perfect for an automatic hydroponic irrigation system thanks to its height of 250 cm. The grow tents in the CLASSIC series are made of thick, ecological MYLAR 600D fabric with a diamond structure, which reflects more than 95% of the light.

Light and odor-tight
The high fabric thickness not only ensures that the grow box is 100% light-tight, but also effectively prevents odors from escaping. And don’t worry – the fabric can be washed.

Sturdy construction for your equipment
With a metal construction made of 19 mm rods and reinforced steel connectors, it is no problem to safely install the lighting and a comprehensive exhaust air system.

Efficient ventilation
Thanks to conveniently positioned ventilation openings with double cuffs, installation of the exhaust air is simple and practical.

Ventilation at a glance:

  • Left side: 3x 200mm
  • Right side: 3x 200mm
  • Top: 2x 315mm, 1x 100mm
  • Rear: 2x 100mm, 2x 250mm
  • Passive supply air openings at the bottom

Technical data of the RoyalRoom C240SH

  • Height: 250cm
  • Width: 240cm
  • Depth: 120cm
  • Fabric: Mylar 600D
  • Diameter of the rods: 19mm
  • Cultivation area: 2,88m²

Simple assembly – even for you alone

Setting up the grow box is simple and requires no additional tools. Even as a single person, you can assemble this grow tent in just a few minutes! Simply follow the steps in the enclosed assembly instructions from connecting the tube with the connectors to pulling on the fabric and closing the front door.