Root Pouch 8 Liter (260gr/m2, black)


The ultimate in-ground grow pouch, as it’s fabric offers a blend of PET and natural fibers. No other grow bag company offers natural fiber blends. Natural fibers will absorb water and draw water towards the bags from surrounding soil. Porous material that allows insulations in the winter cold and summer heat. Simply the best choice for in-ground growing.

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The Root Pouch allows the soil to dry out more quickly compared to conventional plastic pots. This allows faster nutrient cycling and encourages a better root system as it also reduces unwanted circling roots. With the root pouch the plant produces large amounts of fine roots with a lot of root tips. And the more fine roots a root system has, the better for the plant.

  • No circling roots
  • Healthy root growth
  • Produces many fine roots
  • Suitable for all cultivation and irrigation methods
  • Ultra light and foldable
  • Made of 100% recycled material